My Journey with God

Seasons and Valleys and/or Valleys and Seasons with Thee has been a strong desire that I have wanted to write for many years.  Yet through many trials and errors I realize obedience to God’s timing is necessary.  I take no credit for the little stories as for God dictates the words, I just hold the pen.  Yet I promise you I am not a professional writer so forgive the errors but I promise it is written from a true Christian heart.
My prayer is that this is a “Spiritual Ministry Center” not just a website.  It is written to let all people within this world to understand the hope we have. Our Savior died for that.  No matter the moment, day, week, month, year, decade or century, ALL of us have went through a Valley and / or Season in our lives.  We all let doubt, anger, hate, disappointment, health reasons, spiritual doubts, etc… take over when we face difficult Valleys and Seasons.  I pray with encouragement and prayer you realize we all face these things, it is how we deal with them that makes the difference in our lives.  Try to face each one of them as a blessings.   Yes, I know in my life when I was in the lowest valley God came and took my hand helping me head back toward the top of the mountain.   You may often feel alone but you are not.  God is present in your very being always, all you have to do is call out.  He will NEVER leave or forsake his children.
I went to church all my life yet as I became my older  I realized I was so lost.  Yet God never gave up on me.  I was saved by the “Blood of the Lamb” and Praise God I can now claim VICTORY IN JESUS.  I never said I was perfect or didn’t  make mistakes but my God is a forgiving God.  I am a very southern lady who can prove that by just opening my mouth.  Yes, I can remove all doubt of my hertiage with this good ol’ southern drawl  just ask anyone who knows me.  Yet I am proud God blessed me with my voice and roots. I was taught respect, love, manners and loving the Lord was free. I can truthfully say I spend my life in the south yet when my move comes at the end of my life “PRAISE GOD” I am North bound toward Heaven for eternity. 
Please open your heart up and enjoy with a simple lady in Alabama; her joy of being saved.  I pray something within these words or pictures speak to you.  

In Love of Christ,
Pam Silavent  

Scriptures that help us with HOPE:

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.   Ecclesiastes 3:1 

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and they staff they comfort me.    Psalms 23:4 

Valley definitions: 1) in the world it is the deepest point of two mountains with the river bed being the valley 2) a hollow or low tract of land between the hills or mountains  3) for the humans terms it many low points of our lives such as; health, financially, spiritually, a hopeless point called depression in today’s world. 

Season definitions: 1) signifies that which comes or arrives, is a synonymous of time. 2) fit or suitable time  3) time of some continuance but not long 4) one of the 4 divisions of the year  5) for the humans terms it is many very different times in our lives with different people being there different that particular season.  The Lord knows who, what, how and why you need each season and he places the right people in your path for that season. 

Anything Is Possible Because of God

It is God who enables you to smile in spite of tears;
to carry on when you feel at a loss for words;
to love even though your heart has been broke time and time again…
It is God who enables you to sit calmly when you feel like throwing up your hands in frustration;
to be understanding when nothing seems to make sense;
to listen when you’d really rather not hear;
to share your feelings with others,
because sharing is necessary to ease the load.
Anything is possible because God makes it so.
                                            author-Faye Sweeney




God often has to be remind me HE is in charge not Pam.  Like all women, I just feel the need to give my opinion.  Well just let me say, He doesn’t need it.  He has given me some firm lessons on his instructions. 

1) Stop worrying, give it to me and then leave it there.
2) Your need to do something and mine is often different.  Does not mean either is wrong just different.
3) When you give me a problem, please leave it with me.  (My husband Tim reminds me of this daily).
4) Do not fuss about the whys, whens or whats, just talk to me and tell me your need.
5)  Ladies love to talk, so go out in this world and talk until your voice gives out.  Let it be joyful, truthful and positive things you share.  Not your problems, all the world has enough of them.
6) When your pray, remember to be patient.  I am going to hear your prayer, do what I think is best, also it will be done in my time not YOURS.
7) Be kind each and every day even if you do not feel like it.  You may be the only one who acts with loving kindness to a stranger that day. 
8) Remember forgiveness is necessary, I forgave YOU!
9) Love yourself, your family, friends, strangers and your enemies.
But the main thing is to remember: 

All have fell down and needed to be carried at some point in our  life.  Do that for all, please encourage without having to have a reason. You as  a Christian should show it with your actions being the testimony.  Stop talking it, LIVE IT! 


Don’t cry when because it is over, SMILE because it happened!

Music with meaning for us: 

There is songs of all kinds within our world today.  As a Christian lady gospel/Christian music is my Love.  Have your ever read the Bible about singing?  One of my favorite passage about singing is within       

Psalms 100: 1-2
1) MAKE a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.



2) Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.

I listen to a Gospel radio station every day and a caller said this:  Every time she listened to a song or sang along; she felt like she was saying a Prayer.  If you stop and listen to words no matter the type.  The words are the message and often it truly is a prayer just put to music. 

My family has faced alot of serious illness within the last year.  I find comfort in a song which is called: 

  1) A loved one knew he’d reached the end of life’s journey, but he’s been holding to God’s hand a long, long time and as I knelt beside his bed, my heart was thrilled at what he said, if I go or if I stay,” The Victoryis Mine”.
 2) None of us really knows about tomorrow, we must prepare to go to Heaven anyday, But while we are here, “Let’s Trust the Lord”, He will lead us safe to our reward and by his grace, we’ll be a “Winner Either Way”.

I’m a winner either way, if I go or if I stay
For I’ll still have my Jesus each passing day,
I’ll have my healing here below,
or life forever more if I go
“Oh praise the LORD I’m a Winner Either Way”.




“Our Beautiful Heather


Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.         Genesis 2:24



For many years, I was the greatest love in my children’s lives.  Even without wanting them to they grew up, imagine that they didn’t ask my permission either.  Parents cherish every single minute with your children, love them every day as if it is either their or your last day on earth as for adulthood comes too fast.  Yet, when they do become grown and fall in love, let them.  Why is it okay that we did it, but we don’t want our children to.  I fought every step of the way letting Adrian & Sarah go, felt alone and  left out alot of times.  I am ashamed of that often as for I should have been singing praises.  See I am glad of Heather & Zack to be included in our family.  I am so thankful that Adrian & Sarah love their spouses with their whole hearts.  I know this Bible verse very well, it is God’s instruction when our children marry.We are just changing positions in their line of love, as it should be.   Why don’t we shout “Praise God” instead of still trying to be their everything?  God 1st,  their spouse 2nd, their children 3rd then  we the parents and so forth.  They can’t have their own family if we don’t let go of them.   I did my job I raised them and yes I love them enough to turn their love over to their spouses.  They will always love Mama and come or call when they need me.  My love is every second of every day for a lifetime to them.  To my two + two kids that =’s my loving family I am proud of all 4 of you.


As most know one of the greatest things in my Life and loves is taking pictures and letting them tell a story. When I see simple things of life, I am reminded how simple Jesus really was. He didn’t have the finest of life or even want it. His heart, soul and love for others was his desire. He walked this world over, I wonder did he even have shoes always? He didn’t go to a mall and pick out Name brand clothes, he just wore simple things. He didn’t go out to eat every day to the finest restaurant. He was just thankful for food to feed himself and the hungary. This simple man had more Love for others than anyone ever has or will have. He died for us. He hung on the cross still begging forwe the people. Why is it then we the people are never happy? At some point in our lives we complain about not having it all. Oh yea, we say we don’t but all of us have had envy at some point in life. Why when we leave here not one material thing is going to Heaven with us. Why do we respect a dollar, a job title, a social status, etc.. more than we do our Savior. Only He can lead us to the Gates of Heaven for eternally. I really wonder do the Proud, Important, Hotshots, or whatever they think they are truly believe they have reserved privileges in Heaven? Works on earth will not buy you there. I pray that all of us look at ourselves very deep within and see what we try so hard to hide. No sense in hiding, He already knows our future. I challenge you, look toward the future with simple eyes like looking through a camera. Just look and God will show you the true beauty of it all.

Life is not complicated by God. 

We the humans do that all by ourselves.  Trust in God and he can help calm the seas in your world.  He does have past experience with that.


Right Within

Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.   Galatians 6:2
That is what friends do for each other if they truly love that friend. Never forget that He commands that. Not everything is life is your own fault. It is okay to hurt, cry, feel deceived to your very core and then you must forgive moving forward in your own journey in life. No one can hurt you another time unless you allow them. You have to love yourself like God commands you to. Love yourself like HE loves the Church. Don’t let Satan take them negative voices and try to beat you up with them. Just remember love yourself. Meditate on scripture, fall on your face in prayer and then let God help you with the healing. You have to make it right within your own self, no one but God can help you do that. Don’t feel useless, unworthy, stupid, dirty, etc.. remember you are a very IMPORTANT person. Our Savior died for you. He gave his life for you. Would the one who hurt you truly give their life for you? Your deserve everything God has planned our for your life. Remember the valleys are when you are the strongest as for when you reach the moutaintops you truly see the blessings of God. Do not ever hide in fear of hurting, Jesus hurt but he loved through it and went just for “US”. When the sadness comes or the regrets START reminding yourself;  Hey I deserve the best. That is what my Savior told me when he died on the CROSS for me. Life is never easy but loving God is . Reach out to those on earth who love you no matter what. Always say “here I am Lord, show me where to go” and you may not understand but he will. Burdens make you stronger, being right within makes your stronger and God lets you know he believes in you. And old friend I do too. Love You Always.
Bonds and Blessings of Friendship

I am only speaking
of myself but
 I pray that
 alot of this is true
also in your life. 
God has
truly blessed my life
 with my friends. 
I feel privileged
 that I know he hand
 picked every one
of them.
  Some friends
 last a lifetime and others
 just for a season. 
No matter how it began,
the love and understanding  a  
friendship is like Christ,
pure and precious.
Like our Heavenly Father
we love our friends
no matter what.
There is such a comfort and peace
in knowing they care
no matter what it is.
Friends are like books,
we go through alot of chapters
and often have to edit it often 
to find an answer
that equals peace.
The very joy of a
Praying Friend
is heaven sent.
To know that with just
a few words they will
be on their knees
asking God to help that friend.
Our friends come from
many places of our lives
but non are accidental.
Never forget the trials, tears,
tribulations, teen years, the laughter,
the silence, the hugs, the
encouraging words even if that
isn’t what you wanted to hear.
Learn to always love them,
some days not liking them much.
Give Praise to God
for them being in your life.
No matter if it was through
a Valley and / or during a
 difficult Season, just be
thankful God placed them there.

In Love of All My Friends!
This is
to the Greatest
Group of Ladies
God could have Blessed Me With!

The best antique in the world is an old friend!!!
 Pray each of your are touched in some positive way by God’s message.  I am a simple lady yet I love the fact God uses me with many tools.  I pray each of you feel blessed by the Lord’s presence every day.

I would love to hear from you. 

My email address is:  p silavent @ hotmail .com

Please sign and leave me  any comments.  If you feel led to ask for prayer, I promise I will pray.  I have a Prayer box and a Praise box as I know from self experience there is VICTORY IN JESUS!

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